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‘Being Haangryy’ Salman Khan’s New Initiative



'Being Haangryy' Salman Khan's New Initiative

Salman Khan Launches New Initiative ‘Being Haangryy’ To Provide Food To The Needy, Wins Hearts

Salman Khan is a man with a big heart. Whenever people around him are low, they turn to him for help, and the superstar never backs off from extending his helping hand

In the time of crisis when the entire country is reeling under pandemic induced lock down, a lot of people are finding it tough to survive. Once again, Salman Khan is doing everything that he can.


After helping local villagers with food supplies, Salman Khan has kickstarted a new initiative called Being Haangryy. Under this, he has introduced food trucks to provide food supplies to the needy people in Mumbai.


Apart from this, Salman Khan had also transferred money in the accounts of daily wage workers from the industry. He had also supplied food essentials in Mumbai through his friend and politician Baba Siddiqui and his son.

Although, Salman Khan has not announced the initiative himself, a Twitter user thanked him for his noble work and shared a video of the food truck.

“Thank you @Beingsalmankhan bhai for being there and silently doing something which is needed,service to mankind is service to the almighty!!!Jai Ho!!! I shall surely try and do my bit following the lockdown norms and request our Fanclub family to practice the same #BeingHaangryy,” he wrote.


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5 Coronavirus good news stories



coronavirus good news stories

coronavirus good news stories 1


1.Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift And Britney Spears Help Out Struggling Fans

While there have been big donations from A-Listers to help out hospitals, food banks and more, some celebrities have made smaller, individual donations to fans who have found themselves in a tough financial spot due to the effects of the pandemic.

According toPage Sixthe ‘Dangerous Woman’ singer has been using an app to make $500-$1000 donations to around 20 fans to cover things like their salaries.

Similarly, after a Taylor Swift fan took to Tumblr to plead for a donation when she couldn’t make her rent in New York City, the ‘Lover’ singer herself transferred her $3,000

Britney Spears is another A-Lister who pledged to help three fans out financially, by buying them groceries for instance, via Instagram.

coronavirus good news stories 2

Pubs Donating Perishables To The NHS

On Friday, the Prime Minister ordered all pubs, restaurants, cinemas, gyms and more to close in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic (eateries can still open to serve takeaway food).

With pubs given short notice to close and still in possession of lots of food that might perish, they too matters into their own hands. The Grove pub in Balham, south west London delivered their sandwiches and ice cream to London Ambulance service and NHS staff to keep morale high as they treat patients.

Similar initiatives from pubs took place in Norwich, South Shields and more.

coronavirus good news stories 3

Football Teams Offer NHS Staff Their Hotels

On Wednesday, former England footballer Gary Neville – who also runs a chain of hotels in the Manchester area – announced he would be opening his hotels free of charge for NHS workers to stay at. This means that any NHS members who would otherwise be forced to isolate if family members experienced symptoms can instead stay at hotel.

Similarly, in London, Chelsea FC have loaned their Stamford Bridge hotel to NHS workers needing accommodation with the bill being footed by chairman Bruce Buck and owner Roman Abramovich.

coronavirus good news stories 4


4.Australia’s Supermarket Operating Elderly-Only Hours

Over the weekend in the UK, supermarket chains including Sainsbury’s and Asda issued a warning to ask people not to stockpile unnecessarily. They reiterated that there should be enough supplies for everyone as long as people only buy what they need.

Amid growing concern that elderly and vulnerable people would miss out on essential supplies due to the trend for stockpiling – which has reached concerning levels in Australia – one of the country’s biggest supermarket chains is opening dedicated hours for those who need it.

Woolworths announced on Monday that 7-8 am would be a ‘dedicated shopping hour in our stores to help support the needs of the elderly and people with disability in the community’.

coronavirus good news stories 5

Entertainment Companies Supporting Creatives

Among the many things that have ground to a halt as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak are productions on TV shows and films as well as the openings of galleries, museums and more.

Netflix has donated £1 million to the BFI (British Film Institute) and the UK’s Film and TV Charity’s Covid-19 Film and TV Emergency Relief Fund to provide short term relief to crew that have now found themselves out of work due to various productions suspending, reports Deadline.

Elsewhere, Arts Council England has pledged a £160 million emergency response package to support organisations, freelancers and artists, The Guardian reports.

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