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person holding a green plant person holding a green plant
Sustainability4 months ago

Basic sciences for sustainable development challenges and prospects

Basic sciences play a crucial role in sustainable development by providing the foundation for understanding the challenges we face and...

climate change impacts climate change impacts
Environment4 months ago

Climate Change Impacts in Everyday Life

Climate change has a profound impact on everyday life, touching various aspects of our routines and experiences.Climate change has a...

Environmental Sustainability Environmental Sustainability
Environment4 months ago

The Urgency of Environmental Sustainability: Consequences of Failure

In today’s rapidly changing world, environmental sustainability has become a pressing concern. Failing to prioritize and maintain sustainable practices can...

Gujarat High Court Gujarat High Court
India4 months ago

Gujarat High Court invokes Manusmriti in pregnancy termination matter

The High Court said earlier it was normal for girls to get married between 14 to 16 years and give...

Positive News Journalism Positive News Journalism
Culture4 months ago

The Power of Positive News Journalism: Shining a Light on Hope

In a world flooded with negativity and sensationalism, positive news journalism emerges as a beacon of hope. While it is...

nuria piera nuria piera
Politics5 months ago

Dominican investigative journalist targeted with NSO Pegasus spyware, report says

Amnesty International has revealed that a prominent female journalist in the Dominican Republic has been targeted by NSO Group’s Pegasus...

mental health mental health
Health5 months ago

May is Mental Health Month

May is Mental Health Month, an important opportunity to raise awareness and promote understanding of mental health issues. This year,...


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