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Pregnant Elephant Was Not ‘Fed’ Pineapple Stuffed With Firecrackers in Kerala



Pregnant Elephant Was Not 'Fed' Pineapple

Pineapples filled with explosives are often used for scaring and catching wild boars and other animals that tend to spoil crops.

A pregnant elephant in Kerala was killed eating pineapple stuffed with dynamites and local made bombs. This led to a painful end as the elephant was pregnant and died standing in the Velliyar River in Palakkad district in Kerala. People are expressing out their anger and concerns all over social media about the horrid incident.

Though, it was reported that the pregnant elephant was killed after locals allegedly fed her a pineapple stuffed with crackers.

Indian Forest Service Officer (name removed), that what actually must have happened, we got to know that no one has fed the pineapple to the elephant.

Elephant just before death (Credit:GettyImages)

Snares used for keeping animals away

He expressed that pineapples loaded up with fireworks are utilized as a snare for getting wild boars. He stated, “Nobody would have taken the pineapple to the elephant. The creature probably discovered it lying some place and more likely than not expended it herself not realizing what lies ahead for her.”


He also stated a second possibility. He said, “Some people actually do such insane things as they consider wild animals as a threat to their property and life. Such incidents do happen at places where wild animals create problems for human beings.”

Snares are often found around farms and coffee plantations

He included that wild boars regularly ruin yields and individuals use snares as an approach to secure their farms and harvests. This year, it was accounted for that the administration would before long grant farmers with authorized guns to fire wild boars that meander into their properties. The issue is that individuals don’t restrict their snares to just wild boars and there have been a few episodes when tigers, panthers and different animals have fallen prey to these erratically positioned snares around farms, coffee farms and wildlife passageways.

Elephant kept standing in riverbefore dying

The pregnant wild elephant originally belonged to Silent Valley National Park (SVNP), Palakkad. As the elephant died, she remained calm despite being in excruciating pain. The elephant kept standing and died at Velliyar River, Malappuram, with its trunk in the water.

The elephant was 15-years of age and was most likely getting some relief as it remained in the water after her tongue and mouth detonated. Mohan Krishnan, Section Forest Officer, Nilambur, shared the miserable incident on his Facebook page where he had gone about as the Rapid Response Team authority to protect the elephant, which was in trouble.

When a postmortem examination was carried out, it was learnt that the reason for the elephant’s death was due to asphyxia where water had got into her lungs and trachea. Dr David Abraham, Assistant Forest Veterinary Officer, Thrissur, carried out the postmortem.

Dr David said, “I have so far done more than 250 postmortems of elephants alone in my more than two decades career. But this was the first time I was so moved as I could hold the foetus of the baby in my hands. Initially, none of us was aware that the elephant was pregnant. After seeing her heart, I spotted the amniotic fluid and realized that she was pregnant.”

Investigation in early-stage and inconclusive, but it was not ‘fed’

The forest department is at present actively probing the incident. Suggested that the team probing the incident are confused about the places where the said animal strayed.

The authorities told that, “each faming community close to woods go uses such strategies as crackers, board bombs and bear traps to dispose of the wildlings attacking their yields.” The authority further affirmed that the natural product was not “intentionally fed” to the animal.

Nirmal, a nearby from Palakkad stated, “I live in Palakkad where the incident occurred, and here, particularly in slope areas, electric fences and natural products stacked with wafers are basic to forestall pigs entering agricultural zones. (It is clearly pitiless).

Note: This article is planned for calling attention to the tragic act of utilizing snares to keep wild creatures under control. For this situation, preliminary reports propose that the ‘act of commission’ wasn’t arranged/pointed legitimately at this elephant. Be that as it may, it doesn’t change the shocking end.


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